Thanks for considering volunteering as a mentor with Brothers in Arms! We are a provider of one-on-one mentoring for at-risk youth, aiming to create connections between youth and positive role models, and through these positive connections to build resiliency and security in the young people.

We work with young people aged 9-15, both male and female, and cover the wider Auckland area.


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2017 Mentor induction Dates

Saturday, 8th April

September – Date TBC


What does Brothers in Arms require of its volunteer mentors?
  • To sign up to this mentoring relationship for a minimum of a year
  • To spend time with your ‘mentee’ (young person) once a week
  • To be self-aware, non-judgmental, and have an open mind
  • To be committed to making the relationship work


What kinds of reasons are the young people referred for?
  • Issues at home with dysfunctional families
  • Truancy
  • Low-medium level offending
  • Gang-affiliated role models
  • Low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies
  • Bullying
  • Behavioural issues
  • Lack of positive role models


Will my mentee want to be part of Brothers in Arms?

Yes. We only accept referrals for children and young people when both they and their parents/caregivers have given their consent.


Do I have to see them on the same day each week?

Not at all. The commitment is to see each other once a week, but it can be on any day and time agreed by you both. The time spent together can range from an hour or two to half a day, depending on the activity.


How does Brothers in Arms support its mentors?

At Brothers in Arms we value our mentors, recognising that our volunteers are our most precious resource! We provide:

  • Comprehensive vetting and training
  • Regular supervision/catch-ups with your Kaitautoko (mentoring support person), who are also available to be contacted at any time
  • Regular group events with other mentors and mentees, including an annual camp
  • Counselling encouraged and funded for volunteers dealing with difficult issues