Thanks for considering referring a young person to Brothers in Arms. We are a provider of one-on-one mentoring for at-risk youth, aiming to create connections between youth and positive role models, and through these positive connections to build resiliency and security.

We work with young people aged 7-15, both male and female, and cover Central, South and Central West Auckland areas.


Our criteria for ‘at-risk’ :
  • Issues at home with dysfunctional families
  • Truancy
  • Low-medium level offending
  • Gang-affiliated role models
  • Low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies
  • Bullying
  • Behavioural issues
  • Lack of positive role models


Our principles:
  • Longevity (a relationship of minimum one year)
  • Regularity (weekly hang outs)
  • Intensity (2-3 hours each time)
  • Connectedness (between the mentor, mentee and families)


What sets Brothers in Arms apart?
  • In order to form trust, Brothers in Arms focuses on relationships versus a ‘programme’
  • Our mentors are all volunteers
  • We require a one year commitment of our mentors
  • Our mentors are well-supported and valued by our organisation
  • Comprehensive vetting and training
  • Regular supervision/catch-ups with their Kaitautoko
  • Regular group events with mentors and mentees
  • Counselling encouraged and funded for volunteers dealing with difficult issues


Referral process
  • Referring Party completes referrers agreement (see Referrers Pack)

  • Referring party (YOU) completes referral form, having gained verbal consent of the young person and their caregiver

  • We interview the young person and caregiver and confirm their consent, commitment and fit

  • Young person is matched with a BIA mentor

Have a read of our Referrers Pack for more details.