Thanks for considering referring a young person to Brothers in Arms. We are a provider of one-on-one mentoring for young people, aiming to create connections between youth and positive role models, and through these positive connections to build resiliency and security.

We work with young people aged 9-13, both male and female, and cover Central, South and Central West Auckland areas.

Our principles:
  • Longevity (a relationship of minimum one year)
  • Regularity (weekly hang outs)
  • Intensity (2-3 hours each time)
  • Connectedness (between the mentor, mentee and families)
What sets Brothers in Arms apart?
  • In order to form trust, Brothers in Arms focuses on relationships versus a ‘programme’
  • Our mentors are all volunteers
  • We require a one year commitment of our mentors
  • Our mentors are well-supported and valued by our organisation
  • Comprehensive vetting and training
  • Regular supervision/catch-ups with their Kaitautoko
  • Regular group events with mentors and mentees
  • Counselling encouraged and funded for volunteers dealing with difficult issues
Referral process
  • Referring Party completes referrers agreement here: REFERRERS AGREEMENT

  • Referring party (You!) completes referral form (once we have received your agreement), having gained verbal consent of the young person and their caregiver

  • We interview the young person and caregiver and confirm their consent, commitment and fit for the mentors we have available 

  • Young person is matched with a BIA mentor (We have inductions in April, June, August and November)

Have a read of our Referrers Info Pack 2018 for more details.

Give Daryl (022 153 5725) or Kimberley (021 155 9921) a call to discuss a potential referral or email